Radiator Recycling Machine

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  1. Waste Radiator Recycling Machine

    Waste Radiator Recycling Machine

      Product Specification
      • Power:6kw/380V
      • Processing capacity: Distance of copper pipe 21mm,25mm.
      • Capacity:2-3ton/day
      • Dimension:1800*900*1250mm
      • Weight: 600kg 
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    • Radiator Sawing machine

      Radiator Sawing machine

        Product Specification
        • Power:3kw/380V
        • Applicable Scope: Cut off the radiator framePre-treatment for using R-6 machine
        • Dimension:1300*600*1800mm  
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      • Waste Radiator Crushing Recycling Line

        Waste Radiator Crushing Recycling Line

          Product Specification
          • Model S-1000 EASY
          • Total Power   100KW  to  310KW
          • Capacity  500-1000(kg/h) to  1000-2000(kg/h)
          • Processing Dimension  L*W 350mm*200mm,  L*W 2000mm*1000mm, 
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